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Hinnahuset 7/10 kl.20-22


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Toalettpapirsalget 2015

Toalettpapirsalget 2015

Hei folkz. We still have a chance on reaching 2nd place. But the time is short.

Skrevet av Nilsi Aarrestad den 09.04.2015

Those who did a job during the salesperiod, did a GREAT job.

We´re 3rd at the moment. J02/03 sold 8 more today.

If the 7 kids who have not reported any sales yet, can help us out today, we can still reach 2nd place. That will give us kr. 10.000,- in pricemoney, instead of 5.000,-

Right now we need to sell 7 more packages of toiletpaper. Probably a couple of more, because girls2002 is also doing a last push.


For those who choose to pay their way out, kr. 850,- will count as 5 packages. If you have more than one kid in the club, make sure to register it on G2005.


For all all you others: if you have the chance to sell one package more, please do it.

The 24 that has sold by now, averaged 8 packages of toiletpaper. Very good.

Oliver holds the record with 17 packages. 16, 15 15 the next three.


To buy out;

Send a mail to marked@hinnafk.no Give the name of your child, and which team he is in.

To sell; send name of buyer and his/her e-mail-adress. Send to marked@hinnafk.no

Kr. 350,- for one package. 64 rolls.


Rating 9/4

Damer A; 7,7 avg.

J02/03 ; 5,9 avg

G2005 ; 5,8 avg.        






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